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Aluminium is one of the best performing barrier materials in polymer flexible packaging with many key advantages. It facilitates lightweight packaging alternatives over more resource-intense rigid packaging options and achieves superior product protection and shelf live, while simplifying supply chain requirements. A key challenge today is that even in advanced recycling systems today, only the aluminium content of this high-performance packaging material is recirculated. The plastics share – often more than 70% - is at best used for energy. Better recycling options that recover the plastics from this packaging waste are needed.

Recently the Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) organized a webinar regarding “Alufoil Sorting and Recycling” for representatives of the aluminium foil industry. At the webinar Saperatec presented its Advanced Mechanical Recycling solution for polymer-alufoil composite packaging waste. Based on the webinar an overview on modern technologies including the Saperatec Advanced Mechanical Recycling technology was published by International ALUMINIUM Journal.

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